Five on Friday: Palm Print Fun

TGIF!!  What a tragic week in the news, y'all.  My heart just aches for the Orlando community -- first the Pulse shootings and then the Graves family tragedy at Disney.  What has stood out to me is the reactions... sadly lacking in grace and compassion.  I just keep praying for our country and the state of our hearts, y'all.  Will you join me? In other news, it's been a week of meetings, phone calls, and other Legacy business -- so fun to see … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Legacy

Hi gang ~ I hope your weekend was wonderful!  I had a great time at Lake Rabun with my in laws and a bunch of other "girls"... we had a such fun catching up and celebrating my SIL's career as an educator.  Here was my view each morning when I woke up... It was a good time for me to unplug for a couple of days, too.  I've spent some time over the last week or so thinking a lot about Legacy, so I thought I'd share a little of that brain … [Read more...]

Five on Friday: Random Thoughts

T.G.I.F.  Y'all.  The past few weeks have about done me in and I'm so excited to see the weekend, I can't even stand it.   I'm a little brain-dead these days, so I thought we'd do a fun Five on Friday of random thoughts and things that I'm enjoying lately.  Ready?? 1.  Deep South Details.  I feel like I've mentioned these gals before, but if so blame on menopausal forgetfulness!  I found this podcast last fall and fell in love with these … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel and Some Easter Thoughts

I started this post yesterday, but life got in the way so here we are today!  And it's high time I share my spring mantel with you.  You got a sneak peek of it when I shared my DIY twig cross last week.  I've had this mantel in place for a couple of weeks now and love it!  But as you know... things are always subject to change around here. :) This time around I wanted a mix of metals and wood tones,  and just an overall fresh feeling.  I … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Monday

Hey there!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I'm still trying to figure out where the weekend went... I spent some time relaxing, watching TV and reading, whipped up a couple of chalkboard projects for the booth, and enjoyed a FUN girls' night out/sleep over with some dear old friends.  I intended to spend time shredding paperwork in my home office, but that seemed like no fun... and didn't get done. :) And this morning it's rainy … [Read more...]

My Lenten Discipline for 2016

Lent is upon us once again -- early this year!  And I find it somehow appropriate that this morning dawned our coldest of the year.  A few stray snowflakes are still blowing about and I'm lingering in front of the fire with coffee and my Lent Devotional from She Reads Truth. I used to dread Lent in my younger days... it was depressing and meant giving up something for 47 long days.   Somewhere along the way of spiritual growth and maturing … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It: January

Well, a few days got away from me and here we are into February!  Yikes!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I broke away for a girls' weekend at the beach and got the bonus fun of celebrating a dear old friend's 50th birthday at the same time.  It was a good time and now it's back to cold/rainy/busy days here at home. :) I've got a list of posts for y'all coming in the next few weeks, but thought I'd flash back to January today, just … [Read more...]

Five on Friday: Things I Love About January

TGIF, friends!  I have been non-stop this week working on Legacy but did squeeze in some cool stuff I'll share soon, too.  It's pouring down a COLD rain this morning, but I thought it would fun to do a Five on Friday post... with five things I love about January.  January is such an under-appreciated month!  Over the past several years, I have come to LOVE it ... and here's why. 1.  Post-holiday down time. I love the slower pace of January … [Read more...]

My Word of The Year 2016

Wow.  It's here!  A new year, a (somewhat) blank calendar, and time to talk about my focus for the year ahead.  Last year's word choice was truly epic for me... who knew that choosing JOY would have such a profound impact?  Well, the good Lord knew... He knew every heartache, every betrayal, every moment of despair I would experience and laid a word on my heart to do battle with all of them -- JOY.  And I was able to find it, even in my darkest … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Well, it's here!  Last year God grew me in some tremendous ways, and He touched my family in new and meaningful ways as well -- for that I am thankful.  Now 2015 is a thing of the past and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store!  I'll be spending the day praying over the days and weeks to come -- days of new growth and fresh opportunity. via   Wishing you and yours joy, peace, and God's provision in the New … [Read more...]