Gettin’ Personal: My Goals for 2014

A few years ago I gave up making New Year’s resolutions.   I usually struggled to come up with that one thing on which to focus my efforts, and though I’d start off strong (and resolute!), by February it had usually fallen by the wayside.  Then I was left with that sense of failure and that well, why bother now? mindset that gets you nowhere.

So one January when I was laid up with the flu, in the midst of an ice/snow storm that provided an unexpected full week “off” and lots of quiet time, I started rethinking the idea of resolutions for the New Year.  I was starting to become more in tune with the rhythm of our lives and more aware of smaller, bite-sized, changes I wanted to make.  And so that year I embraced goals instead of resolutions, even though we were almost a month into the new year.

Since then, my goals each year have become so much more attainable!  For instance, last year my goals included more tea/less coffee.  Check!!  More books/less screen time.  Check!! More naps/less persevering through fatigue.  Check!!  These are little, intentional choices I made off and on all year long… result?  Success.

So this year, I’m taking a similar approach and sharing them here for the first time ever.  Y’all can help keep me accountable, okay?  Here we go…


1.  Incorporate some new form of exercise in my normal workout schedule.  Yoga?  Barre classes? I’ve always been an exerciser and love a good power walk or jog outside and a good gym workout, too.  But as I’m aging (cough, cough) I’d like to try something new in my routine.   I’m hoping for better results and some additional enjoyment in the process.  Shoot, there may even be a few golf lessons in my future. 🙂

2.  Paint more.  It’s therapy for me… whether it’s a piece of furniture, a room that needs a makeover, or a leaf watercolor.  I love having a paint brush in my hand.    I’d love to do some more of this over the next year… maybe even a canvas or two.


3.  Cleaner eating.  Don’t we all usually aim for this in the new year?  We’re not going whole 30 here, but we are adding in more fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed food.  As part of this, I’d like to add some new recipes into my rotation (can you hear my family cheering in the background?).  I’m not someone who loves to cook, but that’s no excuse for throwing together half-hearted meals for my peeps.  We can do better.  I can do better, especially after reading Edie’s post.  Plus, I’m pretty sure trying a new recipe could make the nightly meal preparation less tedious.  Bonus?  I’ll be sharing new recipes here!

4.  PURGE!  It’s. time.  Just that simple.  You”ve probably read it all over the blogosphere.  Simplify.  Get rid of the excess.  I added it into my Home Goals for this year, but it’s also a personal goal.  After all, a less-cluttered more organized home will have countless personal benefits as well.  And I’ve got a plan that I’ll be sharing here on Monday. 🙂

5.  Try my hand at calligraphy or decorative lettering.  I always like to try something new in the creativity department and I’ve fallen in love with all the beautiful lettering I see in the home stores and on Pinterest.  I’m also a lover of the written word.  So I’m thinking I might dabble in a little of this in the year ahead.

Isaiah 26_3

6.  Stay focused on HIM as part of my quest for peace this year.  While I spend time with Him each day and am blessed to teach in a Christian school that encourages prayer and immersion in Him throughout the day, I still struggle with trusting Him in the hard things.  I want to manage, to plan, to control when confronted with hard things.  And my family has had its share of hard things and will continue to face hard things this year.  So I will strive to keep my eyes on Him, to keep my mind steadfast, and my heart trusting in Him– to let go and let Him, for there I will find my path to peace.

I have a couple of other goals that I’m keeping close to my heart right now… some things just need to be kept closer at times.  But, I can assure you, it’s down in writing with all of the above, to be revisited often as we march through the weeks and months ahead.

Ok, so there you have it!  I’ll do a little check-in with y’all periodically… let’s encourage one another in our goals this year!  I would love to encourage YOU, so please share what you’re striving for in 2014.  If it’s too personal to leave in the comments, I welcome emails so I can pray for you and offer encouragement on your journey.

Let’s DO this!!

Have a blessed weekend,

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  1. I will absolute encourage you this year with your goals, which by the way look similar to anything I would strive for if I wrote out any goals for the year. See u at the meet up on the 25th.

  2. You can do it!!! Those are all great goals Heidi, and I’m with you. I never make resolutions I just try to do little things to better myself. Excited to hear about your new recipes!

  3. good for you! you so can do it! have you tried zumba or spin? low impact an lots of calories burnt plus lots of fun!

  4. I love the personal take on goals! I want to do more painting this year, too. And I am taking a new barre class, I love it. And here’s to cleaner eating!


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