It’s All About the Margin… {Personal Goal}

Happy Monday, friends... I'm off for MLK Day today and what a delicious gift a simple day off can be!  I know -- I just returned to work after two weeks of Christmas vacation, but if you recall I was traveling heavily and also dealing with serious turmoil at my school so my "break" was not a restful one.  And oh, how I need rest.  Don't we all? I've been thinking a lot lately about how to restore some margin in my world -- you know -- that … [Read more...]

Family Room Update!

First of all:   join me here Friday, if you would be so kind... you see, it's my birthday AND my blogiversary and to celebrate I'm sharing 21 things I love and hosting a fun little giveaway! See you then... now on to my update! Y'all.  I finally did it.  And I have no idea why it took so long for my vision to gel... after all, it's a very simple one.  Do you ever over-complicate things? Anyhow, one of my home goals for this year was to add … [Read more...]

January Recap {In Case You Missed It}

February??  Wow... not sure how that happened.  For a month that's supposed be of the "slowing down" sort that I love, January sure sped by.  We had such an enjoyable weekend and I cooked up a storm for our little Super Bowl party yesterday.  Got a new crock pot recipe to share soon, so stay tuned! I was looking back at my posts last month and while there were definitely projects, there was lots of "other"... thoughts, goals, reads.  That's my … [Read more...]

Gettin’ Personal: My Goals for 2014

A few years ago I gave up making New Year's resolutions.   I usually struggled to come up with that one thing on which to focus my efforts, and though I'd start off strong (and resolute!), by February it had usually fallen by the wayside.  Then I was left with that sense of failure and that well, why bother now? mindset that gets you nowhere. So one January when I was laid up with the flu, in the midst of an ice/snow storm that provided an … [Read more...]

Home Goals 2014

Happy Monday, y'all!  We're supposed to be back at work today, but the frigid temps and flurries prompted an optional work day... woo hoo!  Maybe I'll actually get my Christmas decor put away today. Anyhoo, I made the mistake of pulling up my Home Goals 2013 post yesterday and actually laughed out loud!  Clearly, I need to revisit the goals list throughout the year so I don't fall prey to Home Projects ADD and flit from one thing to another … [Read more...]