My Thursday Gig and a Peek at the Mom Cave

Did you know I have a regular Thursday gig?  You can find me at every Thursday where I blog about home and garden with snippets of faith thrown in. I love my space over there, because my talented editors Aimee and Danielle come up with theme for each month.  My challenge is to blog within my niche (for the most part) while addressing the theme of the month.  July was "Beside Restful Waters" and I had fun with that, … [Read more...]

Mom Cave Progress {Sneak Peek}

I haven't had many projects to share lately, but I have made lots of incremental progress on a few rooms in the house.  My Mom Cave is truly an evolution of a space, more than a year in the works.  Am I patient or what?? :-) Getting the paint done was huge progress. And very time consuming.  But I love it more every day.  The gray is Behr Silver Sateen, the cream is Porter Velvet White. Then I hung Inslee's art work... And got … [Read more...]

Loving: Collections

I'm jetting off to NYC today to have some girlfriend time with my BFF -- woo hoo!  After dealing (still) with our roof rat issue and taking care of all my boys/men, I'm ready for a pink apartment on the Upper East Side, sleeping in, Broadway shows, champagne, a little antique browsing, and lots of visits on the sofa. :) But don't worry, I'm not leaving you high and dry! I did a post a couple of weeks ago over at Fancy Little Things about … [Read more...]

Fleur de Lis Love {Mom Cave Update}

Does it seem like my Mom Cave is taking FOREVER to finish??  Well, it is.  I've been working on it off and on for about a year now.  But I'm pleased with the progress of late and feel like I'm in the home stretch.   One of the things I've had my eye out for is fleur de lis accents for the space.  I've always loved the fleur de lis image -- it reminds me of my time in New Orleans when I was immersed in the study of art, architecture, and … [Read more...]

Mom Cave Update {Art}

I am mortified at how loooooong it took me to get my Mom Cave artwork up on the walls.  Granted, I was waiting until I finished painting... and then life took over.  And my art work sat.  And sat. Last weekend, I finally bit the bullet, got out the hammer and picture hanging kit and.... voila! Gorgeous, no?  I wish I could spirit away the printer/fax machine, but no can do... El Presidente (aka the hubs) works from home and out of this … [Read more...]

Book Page Christmas Tree {Easy DIY}

Since I've gone all cool gray in the Mom Cave, I decided to put some cool new Christmas decorations on the corner of my desk. I don't normally decorate in there at all-- too much going on usually, but we've pared down furniture and accessories, simplified the function of the space a bit, and I decided a nice simple holiday touch would be fitting! I put together this little grouping on the corner of my desk, where I can enjoy it while I work … [Read more...]

Hello, Lover {and my Willow House Sample Sale}

Wouldn't this love be perfect for my Mom Cave?  Especially now that it's all freshly painted in Behr Silver Sateen... *sigh*.  I mean, what's not to love?  Rich purple velvet, nailhead trim, swoop arm, bolster pillow... need I say more? Think Z Gallerie will do a fabulous sale in the next month or so? My Willow House Sample Sale was rocking last weekend, but I still have a few things left.  This is the twice yearly cash and carry sale I … [Read more...]

The Mom Cave {Sneak Peek}

Oh, my gosh, I thought I would never finish the paint job in the Mom Cave, but it's D.O.N.E.  I didn't think through this very well and ended up doing a lot more cutting in than I needed to, but... we're movin' on and putting the furniture back in place! Here was the purplicious-ness herself before: I love this shade of purple, but it was time for a change.  I have to admit, when I started covering it up, I felt a few twinges of what am … [Read more...]

Re-Thinking the Mom Cave

It all started with this...Remember this roadblock to my Mom Cave/home office makeover?  Should they stay or should they go was playing in my head.  While the moldings are pretty in some spaces, I'm kinda over them in here and the limitations they place on wall art.My fear is that should I try to remove them, the damage to the wall could be extensive.  They've been in place for 26 years, caulked and repainted multiple times … [Read more...]

Art for the Mom Cave and a Road Block

I'm sooooo excited about the art for my home office {Mom Cave}!  Here's a hint..."Emily's Girls" by the fabulously talented Inslee.And then there's...My go-to frames from WalMart (inexpensive and sturdy!).Are you getting the picture?  I framed all of my treasures from Inslee, but held off hanging them.  You see, my beloved purple office/mom cave has got some molding in the upper portions of the walls that's just gonna have to … [Read more...]