Family Room Tour and To-Do List

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can't believe we're already wrapping up June... *sigh*... why do the summer weeks seem to fly by the fastest?  I'm looking forward to fun weekend IN TOWN, if you can believe it!   My "baby" boy leaves for Spain and Portugal with his church youth group in less than two weeks, so I'll be working on getting him ready to go, hopefully finishing up a booth project or two, and relaxing with some special girl friends (I'll … [Read more...]

New Project Alert: The Guest Room

Today I'm headed to Athens to see my daughter, but I owe you a new project announcement, right? I love new projects.  And I'm so happy to have Spring Break next week to jump start this one! I can't believe I'm showing you this sad sad space. Let me explain before you start hating on me!  This used to be my older son's room.  Last summer, he moved into my daughter's (much larger) old room after SHE decided to move downstairs into my … [Read more...]

Home Goals 2013 {Finally!}

Ok, I know January is almost over, but it took me several weeks to really refine my home goals.  And they're not really refined.  I'm afraid I've set some lofty goals for the home, but maybe this will be my year to get a lot accomplished. :-)   Knowing me, there will be a fair amount of DIY and other decor distractions along the way, so we'll see! And here they are, in no particular order... Add drapes to the family room … [Read more...]

How’d I do? Home Goals for 2012…

I had some ambitious home goals for 2012... I actually chuckled when I looked back at this post!  They were lofty for sure, but I think I did pretty well... I'll let YOU be the judge! 2012 Goal #1:  Finish the Mom Cave. Well, I got close. And over all I'm pleased... The final projects will be detailed in my goals for 2013... coming SOON! 2012 Home Goal #2: Finish refreshing the family room. Again, I'm … [Read more...]

Blogging Without Borders {Ugly Duckling Dining Room}

  It's here!  Time to reveal my project for our Blogging Without Borders project! The idea behind this project was to encourage us decor DIYers to break out of our comfort zones when transforming a space in our homes.  We can all paint a room, right?  But what about those project ideas you pin but in the back of your mind you're thinking it's probably too complicated or over my head?  I know you have those thoughts.  Or maybe I'm the … [Read more...]

June’s Favorite Things

Gosh I thought May was crazy, but June has been a little nutty, too!  I secretly enjoy the revolving door days of summer with all the kids home and their friends in tow.  And then there's the sky high grocery bills and endless dishes and laundry.  But I'm willing to overlook those things to enjoy our summer time together. :) I've got some exciting things planned around my house in July, so stay tuned for those, but in the meantime, here are my … [Read more...]

Front Porch Progress!

It feels so good to share progress on a project!!  I'm close to wrapping up my front porch freshening (or "freshly" as my friend KariAnne would say), so I thought I'd show you what I've done.  If you missed the before, click here.  This is a lesson in how small changes make a big difference! I've added fresh mulch to the beds where I planted my little drifting roses...   Those little roses are so happy now, they're covered … [Read more...]

True Blue {Flea Market Find}

She had me at "hello." I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her.  And where I wanted her to go.  I even envisioned a vibrant color. Source: via Heidi on Pinterest   And I had an inspiration photo (thank you, Pinterest!). And that is how this $2 girl went from this... Are you ready? Are you sure you're ready? Are you really, really ready??? For this... I am … [Read more...]

Progress on the To-Do’s & Boredom Buster Bags

You kind of get two posts in one today, in the effort to hold myself accountable for my To-Do List.   It was growing fangs (my To Do List, that is) over the weekend and all I wanted to do was sit on my back deck with a stack of magazines and enjoy the breezes.  But I battled through and with the help of My Teens we got quite a bit done.  Progress!! We spent a good bit of time taming the ivy that was taking over the front beds and providing … [Read more...]

The {Outdoor} To-Do List

I finally have a little lower key weekend ahead and it looks like the weather will cooperate this time!  Woo hoo!  I've been ready to get outside and get working on my outdoor spaces for weeks now, but the triumvirate of pollen, rain, and kid-tivities have been standing in the way.  And Lord knows, the weekdays are way too crazy busy to do anything more than a bit of list-making. Yesterday, I took 15 minutes and surveyed the front porch and … [Read more...]