In Case You Missed It (June)

This summer is absolutely flying by!  I turned the calendar over to July this morning and it looks to be another busy month of family, a little travel, and hopefully some good projects around the house.  I also looked back over my posts in June and though it was lighter posting schedule there were some goodies in there! I shared some of my favorite catalog finds for outdoors... Still love this stepping stone from Home Decorators … [Read more...]

Summer Mantel {with a Coastal Vibe}

Howdy!  Hope y'all had a delightful weekend... the hubs went off to work today relaxed and happy after a fun-filled weekend with friends and our Peeps.  Fish frying, deck sitting, cocktail sipping, poolside lounging... we did it all.  And lots of laughter and chatting.  Such a great way to celebrate Father's Day! I polished off my summer mantel in preps for the fish fry, so thought I'd share while the hydrangeas are still fresh... I … [Read more...]

Family Room Repaint (almost done!)

OH. My. Gosh.  Belvedere Cream, how I love you... I can't get over the difference simply changing the paint color makes (haven't I said that before??).  There is very little back on the walls, but I decided to go ahead and show you the color change... Here's where we started... If you remember, once I got my beloved white drapes in place, the wall color was suddenly too goldish/warm for me.  I wanted lighter and brighter and so went with the … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading, Loving, and Working On

Friday and I've got a new project alert for you!  But first, if I could selfishly request your prayers today?  The drunk driver that killed our Kaely is to be sentenced this morning and several family members will be speaking in court.  Such a difficult day, but one that has been long awaited -- please join us in praying that not only will he be handed the maximum sentence, but that he also would feel and show some iota of remorse for his … [Read more...]

How to Lengthen Drapes {the No Sew Way}

Hi there!  I'm still working through a little re-entry from my fab birthday weekend in the Big Apple and I can't wait to share my highlights later this week!  Thanks so much to Cassie for stepping in and sharing her Small Space Project on Monday -- I am now inspired to tackle my master closet in a big way!  And don't forget to enter my Happy Birthday/Blogiversary Giveaway... your odds are pretty good of winning at this point. :) Today I've got … [Read more...]

Family Room Update!

First of all:   join me here Friday, if you would be so kind... you see, it's my birthday AND my blogiversary and to celebrate I'm sharing 21 things I love and hosting a fun little giveaway! See you then... now on to my update! Y'all.  I finally did it.  And I have no idea why it took so long for my vision to gel... after all, it's a very simple one.  Do you ever over-complicate things? Anyhow, one of my home goals for this year was to add … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel Makeover

Well, my server has been upgraded and I can finally share my spring mantel with y'all -- we had some nice weather over the weekend and at the beginning of the week so I was itching to get it finally ready for spring. :)  Never mind that we're back in the cold wind and rain right now.   We should have known this winter would not go quietly! You've probably noticed I left a few things in place... like my antique frame that's propped on my … [Read more...]

Freshening Up: The Winter Mantel

Whew, my week is busy busy with student evaluations going on, lots of appointments and doings for the family, and trying to finish up a new furniture makeover.  Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on my Small Space Project!  I'm eyeing the spaces that will be my victims this weekend!  Don't forget to send me your own before and after organization projects to share! I've also shared some tips over at Mohawk Homescapes blog on keeping your New … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel 2013

Happy Wednesday, y'all.  I'm trying really hard not to hit the panic button about all the packages left to wrap and ship... doesn't it figure that the week I need to get everything out is the week that all my peeps come home, soccer physicals must happen, dentist appointments all around, teacher dinner preparations, etc are all converging on the few days that comprise this week? Yowza.  There is still not a single ornament on my tree. And … [Read more...]

Changes in the Family Room

Did you think I'd disappeared?  Me, too... Y'all.  Sick. as. a. dog. Too much travel, not enough sleep, and surrounded by runny noses and coughs equals bad news. But I did want to pop in today and show you something that makes me (and my family of sensitive bare-footers) quite happy... I went for it. A new rug for the family room to replace that scratchy uncomfortable uncooperative faux sisal disaster. And ... a bold … [Read more...]