Home Goals 2016

Better late than never, y'all!  I've been working on these gradually over the last several weeks and it's finally time to share.   I call them my "goals" because inevitably something more urgent will pop up and consume time and resources to addresses. Last year the majority of my home goals went untouched due to Legacy, so some of these will ring a bell.  But I do think it's worth it to think through what I'd like to update and accomplish … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading, Loving, and Working On

Friday and I've got a new project alert for you!  But first, if I could selfishly request your prayers today?  The drunk driver that killed our Kaely is to be sentenced this morning and several family members will be speaking in court.  Such a difficult day, but one that has been long awaited -- please join us in praying that not only will he be handed the maximum sentence, but that he also would feel and show some iota of remorse for his … [Read more...]

Family Room Update!

First of all:   join me here Friday, if you would be so kind... you see, it's my birthday AND my blogiversary and to celebrate I'm sharing 21 things I love and hosting a fun little giveaway! See you then... now on to my update! Y'all.  I finally did it.  And I have no idea why it took so long for my vision to gel... after all, it's a very simple one.  Do you ever over-complicate things? Anyhow, one of my home goals for this year was to add … [Read more...]

Gettin’ Personal: My Goals for 2014

A few years ago I gave up making New Year's resolutions.   I usually struggled to come up with that one thing on which to focus my efforts, and though I'd start off strong (and resolute!), by February it had usually fallen by the wayside.  Then I was left with that sense of failure and that well, why bother now? mindset that gets you nowhere. So one January when I was laid up with the flu, in the midst of an ice/snow storm that provided an … [Read more...]

Home Goals 2014

Happy Monday, y'all!  We're supposed to be back at work today, but the frigid temps and flurries prompted an optional work day... woo hoo!  Maybe I'll actually get my Christmas decor put away today. Anyhoo, I made the mistake of pulling up my Home Goals 2013 post yesterday and actually laughed out loud!  Clearly, I need to revisit the goals list throughout the year so I don't fall prey to Home Projects ADD and flit from one thing to another … [Read more...]

House Tour: My Foyer (for now!)

Earlier in the summer when I photographed my family room for my Home Tour, I snapped a few pics of my foyer at the same time.  With so many gloomy rainy days, it was a challenge to get a day of decent lighting, so I seized my moment!   I'm sharing them today, even though they're not the best quality.  Think it's time for a better camera and maybe a photography lesson or two? :)  I'll be adding to these as lighting and photography savvy … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {June}

I'm having a hard time believing we're in July now!  My summer is flying by... and I really want it to just sllllooooowwww down a bit!  We were on the go in a major way last month, but I still squeezed in quite a few projects.  Hopefully I can get to even more in July -- and there are some fun things in store here on the blog in the next few weeks! In the meantime, here's a recap of June here at Decor & More... 1. Guest Room Details: … [Read more...]

Family Room Tour and To-Do List

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can't believe we're already wrapping up June... *sigh*... why do the summer weeks seem to fly by the fastest?  I'm looking forward to fun weekend IN TOWN, if you can believe it!   My "baby" boy leaves for Spain and Portugal with his church youth group in less than two weeks, so I'll be working on getting him ready to go, hopefully finishing up a booth project or two, and relaxing with some special girl friends (I'll … [Read more...]

New Project Alert: The Guest Room

Today I'm headed to Athens to see my daughter, but I owe you a new project announcement, right? I love new projects.  And I'm so happy to have Spring Break next week to jump start this one! I can't believe I'm showing you this sad sad space. Let me explain before you start hating on me!  This used to be my older son's room.  Last summer, he moved into my daughter's (much larger) old room after SHE decided to move downstairs into my … [Read more...]

Home Goals 2013 {Finally!}

Ok, I know January is almost over, but it took me several weeks to really refine my home goals.  And they're not really refined.  I'm afraid I've set some lofty goals for the home, but maybe this will be my year to get a lot accomplished. :-)   Knowing me, there will be a fair amount of DIY and other decor distractions along the way, so we'll see! And here they are, in no particular order... Add drapes to the family room … [Read more...]