This ‘n That Monday

Sissie and grands

Happy Cyber Monday, friends!  Have you got your holiday shopping on yet?  I have a few things I'll be ordering today, but for the most part I try to shop all year so the financial hit isn't so hard this time of year. :)  The blogosphere is loaded with Gift Guides the past few days, and though I was tempted to put one together myself, I thought I'd just share a little randomness with you today. All 7 of us were together (briefly!) on … [Read more...]

Inspiring Thanksgiving Table Decor

Tgiving table 2

It's almost here!  We're on the road today, headed for my in-laws' to celebrate a quick Thanksgiving... it's no small feat to gather 4 20-somethings and a teenager with work/school schedules but we managed!  I think we'll all be together for about 3 hours before some have to head out (and others are arriving last minute) but we'll take it. My mother-in-law hosts Thanksgiving every year... it's kind of her "thing" and so we make the drive … [Read more...]

Feed A Crowd: Easy Baked Spaghetti

Baked spaghetti cover

Thanksgiving week!!  Yikes, so much to do... our family has been going 90 to nothing and my to-do list is a long one.  We're traveling for Turkey Day, but will be back for the weekend and I fully intend to get my Christmas on then -- unless I get a wild hare and start now?? One of the challenges for me this time of year is feeding my crowd without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen. Because there's always a shortage of time and … [Read more...]

The Legacy Story (Part 5)


Happy Monday!  Yikes, y'all... not sure I'm ready for the slide into the holidays, but it's happening nonetheless. And over the weekend, my "baby" visited his top college pick -- gracious!  Time flies!   Today I decided to share more of the Legacy story... especially after I got some backlash from my Part 4 post.  I knew when I began to write all this out and share it that some folks that won't like what they read.  There are some that never … [Read more...]

Dining Table and Chairs Makeover


Hi there, gang... another busy week, of course and I know we're all feeling that slide toward the holidays beginning!  I, for one, am finding myself READY to embrace all the joy the holidays bring!  The Queen of Hearts Antiques where my booth is located is hosting our annual Holiday Open House so I was busy readying my space this week.  And that prompted me to tackle a dining table and chairs project, because folks are often looking for a table … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading, Working On, and Loving…


Whew, TGIF!  Busy times around here and I'm looking forward to a football weekend with our Auburn peeps.  The sun is FINALLY out today so I'll be working on a paint project (see below!) and finishing up food for our early tailgate tomorrow morning.  I thought it was good time to share what I'm reading, working on, and loving right now before my to-do list gets the best of me! What I'm reading... these two books.  I'm usually not that great at … [Read more...]

Country Living Fair 2015

CL Fair zinc cup place setting

Well, that weekend flew by, but we had such a great time with our out-of-town friends!  Sandy and I took in the Country Living Fair on Saturday and made a day of it.  The weather was perfect -- overcast and mild -- for strolling between the vendors, enjoying some music and good food, and shopping like crazy. One of things I love about the CL Fair is that I always come away inspired!  The Country Living folks and all of the vendors do such an … [Read more...]

The Legacy Story (Part 4)

CS Lewis

I'm back with part 4 of the Legacy Story.  If you haven't read them, you might want to check out Parts 1, 2, and 3.  As always, this is an account of events told from my perspective -- my thoughts, my experiences. When I left off in part 3, we had endured a meeting with the pastor in which we were condescended to and lied to.   We were reeling -- from disappointment, betrayal, and more than a little anger.  But I should point out here that … [Read more...]

A Few Fall Touches


I've been home so little recently it feels awesome to be catching up on some things around the house... you shoulda seen the stack of mail/paperwork I plowed through on Monday!  I don't know why, but fall always seems to fly by and so I'm working extra hard to savor these couple of weeks of sweet weather and a bit of time to enjoy my house.  And probably some furniture painting, too. :) I refreshed the dough bowl on my coffee table with a mix … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Monday

For the Love

Hi friends... Well, I checked out again for a bit, but I'm back!  I spent 10 days in Texas with my family at the beginning of October, taking in some Texas Aggie football and then trekking to Amarillo to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday.  It was such sweet family time...   And so then, when I got back, I had to hit the ground running for Legacy (more on that this week).  And so while I intended to post last week, life got in … [Read more...]